About us

Speedex Carrier is a privately owned business with a core business ethic that reflects a genuine commitment to quality and effective service. The first choice for urgent same day deliveries. When you demand results now, not tomorrow or the next day, the company to count on is Speedex Carrier. We bring with us a core group of managers and delivery professionals that are second to none in the business community.

There is a saying in the courier industry that you are only as good as your last delivery. Keeping that in mind, we strive to make each delivery a great experience for you. We appreciate the trust that you have placed in us for your delivery needs.

We believe speed exist!



Our goal is to become the leading messenger/courier service in the industry by providing our customers with professional, prompt & courteous service at an industry competitive rate. We promise to display the highest degree of integrity towards our customers and fellow employees.


To be the industry leader in service quality.


Customer Focus

  • We treat each customer as our only customer.
  • We seek to exceed customer expectations.

Sense of Urgency

  • We anticipate situations.
  • We deliver on commitments with a sense of urgency each and every time.
  • We proactively review our procedures for the benefit of our customers and our company.

Team Work

  • We strive to attract, retain, and develop individuals to meet our high standards while promoting diversity.
  • We make and communicate decisions consistent with our Mission Statements, Vision, Core Values, and Strategy.

Uncompromising Integrity

  • Integrity and honesty are the heart of our business.
  • We take pride in and ownership of our work. We are always looking for better ways to create the best value for our customers and for our company.



The quality of our service is paramount; as such we ensure

  • A bespoke service to each client
  • All candidates undergo vigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • All candidates/personnel are trained to basic industry standards before employment


OUR SERVICE- what we do

Courier Service

We will pick up your documents and parcels at your request and deliver to single or multiple destinations. All packages (excluding commercial & business packages) must be sealed in the presence of our courier.



C: -Communication
U: -Urgency
S: -Service
T: -Teamwork
O: -Ownership
M: -Mentoring
E: -Excellence
R: -Respect


Receiving and Distribution Procedure


Speedex Carrier Services provides centralized shipping/courier, receiving and distribution services to the Ghanaian community to ensure that all types of items, including irregular shaped and perishable items, are shipped and delivered nationwide while working to meet regulatory, cost and time requirements.

Speedex Carrier Services staff provides expert advice in the shipping of perishable items, and international shipments. We are available to assist in providing quotes and best method of shipping, and work to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

Speedex Carrier Services expedites all inbound shipments and attempts to deliver all freight within 24 hours of arrival to inland city of Accra.


 To provide a central shipping/courier solution that allows shipments to be expedited, tracked and traced from district to district, community to community, city to city and region to region.

To ensure that Customs regulations are followed and the Speedex Carrier is compliant with the Postal and Courier Service Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations.

To provide a central, and more sustainable and efficient, distribution solution that will allow shipments arriving from multiple carriers/couriers to be compiled together, processed and delivered to the public within 24 hours of central delivery.





    • Courier / Freight Processing Times cut-off time to arrange for pick up and same day processing of courier items is. 4:30pm (This does not include shipments requiring special handling, such as customs or dangerous goods paperwork. See: Customs Import, Export and Permit Procedure.) Items arriving after that time are prepared for next business day pickup.
    • Other couriers/ carriers are called in as necessary. While every effort will be made to send the shipments out daily, other carriers may not be available for same day pick-up. The cut-off times are required to allow Shipping to prepare the necessary documents and to meet courier pick-up times and departure connections.


    • Courier Package Requirements


    Ensure that each package in the shipment is securely packed and labeled with both the return and the recipient’s address.


    • Courier Package Pick-Up Arrangements i. To ensure outbound courier items are shipped the same day:


    • Properly package the item and attach a completed Shipping Form (including speed code and recipient’s account number, if applicable).


    • If your regular mail service is in the afternoon, or the morning pickup is missed, call Dispatch, by Noon daily, at (0302) 914- 222 or (057) 000-1234 for a special pick-up.


    • Bulk shipments require prior notification to guarantee same-day processing. One shipping form can be used for bulk shipments. Address the shipping form to “various.” Ensure that a recipients’ address list accompany the shipping form, addressed to “various”, for bulk shipments other than envelopes.


    • If completing your own courier waybill, ensure that your speed code appears under “sender’s references” and that a commercial invoice (for Customs) accompanies all shipments that are not printed document. For tracking purposes, retain the “Shipper’s Copy” of the waybill in your office.


    • If the outgoing shipment has special requirements, contact Shipping at (0302) 914- 222.


    • Dangerous Goods Shipments containing goods regulated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act must be handled in accordance with the Act as per the following:


    • A shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods listing the contents, class number, packing group and quantity must accompany each shipment.


    • Packages containing dangerous goods must be properly addressed, correctly labeled and their contents fully documented on the shipper’s declaration prior to pick-up by Distribution drivers.


    • The shipping form must be completed and accompany the dangerous goods package.


    • A photocopy of a valid Transportation of Dangerous Goods certificate


    • Incorrect content labels or inapplicable labels must be removed from reused cartons.


    • Dangerous goods shipments may not be consigned via Provincial Courier. For more information call Shipping at (0302) 914- 222.




    Business and Personal Shipments


    Central receiving office receives shipments from all customers, processes them via the phone or email and delivers out to the receiver as quickly as possible and according to their sensitivity. Speedex Carrier Services works to deliver all courier items within 24 hours of arrival to the recipient.


    Courier items are delivered to the recipient using the motor cycles, Bicycles, intercity commercial buses, regular shipping mail system, large truck deliveries etc.

    All perishable, time sensitive and temperature-controlled shipments are delivered the same day. All other items see a continuous rotation each day through the mail runs and large truck deliveries.


    • Shipments arrive at central receiving, and are checked for damage, reviewed for compliance and prepared for delivery.


    • If you require this shipment to be expedited, contact central receiving at (0302) 914- 222 to arrange for an expedited delivery.



Mr. Samuel Osei –      Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Maely Forson-   Director